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VishnuPatni: Leading Global Agro Commodity Trading

We are committed to fostering a seamless connection between the public and private sectors, ensuring the stability of India’s agricultural markets. Our range of services supports every stage of the agricultural product lifecycle. From government-driven strategic procurement to providing trade financing solutions for small and medium enterprises, we facilitate value addition and exports. With our deep expertise and experience, we understand the intricacies of agricultural commodity markets, proudly serving as an integral part of the agri-business landscape.
India remains a crucial player in global agriculture trade, with its diverse range of crops and non-GMO status. As a significant origin for cereals, coarse grains, and various soft commodities, it has earned recognition for its high-quality raw materials. Additionally, India’s well-developed market for imports further cements its position in global agri-commodity trade. VishnuPatni, with its pivotal role in the Indian market, has gained a reputable presence in global agri-commodity markets.

What we trade

At VishnuPatni, we specialize in trading three key agricultural commodities: maize, wheat, and soybean. With our extensive expertise and experience in these markets, we ensure seamless transactions and optimal outcomes for all stakeholders involved. Whether it’s sourcing high-quality produce, navigating market fluctuations, or facilitating efficient logistics, we are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our clients and partners in the agricultural sector.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere transactions; we strive to add value at every stage of the trading process. From stringent quality control measures to innovative supply chain solutions, we prioritize reliability, transparency, and sustainability. With VishnuPatni as your trading partner, you can trust us to deliver superior service and results in the maize, wheat, and soybean markets.

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